Teacher Planner


Elite Educational Enterprises presents the Elite Teacher's Planner! This planner comes with a year’s supply of weekly and monthly calendars, lesson plan templates, and attendance records. This planner is the ultimate resource tool to help teachers manage their classrooms more effectively. 

This planner is ideal for childcare providers and preschool teachers. With this planner, you can set up monthly goals and structure your week, with the Weekly Calendar Planning template. You can start your day off organized with the "Class Weekly Attendance Record," that has a space for the child's name, date of birth and special documentation notes that you do not want to forget. We have also enhanced this planner with a "Weekly Lesson Plan" template, that will allow you space to plan out your lesson for the week. 

  • Inside The Planner: Featured 12-Monthly Calendars, Weekly Calendars, Weekly Class Attendance Records, Weekly Lesson Plan Templates, Documentation Notes, and Professional Development Training Log. *All dates are blank so you can purchase year-round.
  • Dimensions: 8.5 (H) x 11 (W) 
  • Pages: 176